Zagreb – Neverending Party Life

The Capital of Croatia represents everything that a great party city should stand for. Its streets filled up with pubs & clubs offer the all night fun for every party lover and your Zagreb stag stay will definitely prove it!

Zagreb - Tkalca

If lying on the beach is not your cup of tea you can start off the day on shooting range with your buddies or you can rent a raft and experience a little bit of adventure. If you think only about the party, we have a good news. You don’t have to spend too much time waiting for the weekend blowout. Party life there takes its place every weekend through all year. As Zagreb is highly visited destination, streets are constantly crowded with wild locals and tourists from the whole world.

The range of choice is wide. You can pop in a bar where live music is played or get stuck in pub and taste the Croatian beer and booze. We advise you visiting more than one of the local disco clubs and we are sure you wont regret any! Ones are known for their unique funky design and atmosphere while others rely on hot girls dancing on the tables.


Zagreb stag also hides a spicy surprise for the bad boys. The hottest girls from the whole Croatia are for sure in the local strip clubs.

If you want your stag do to turn into unforgettable drinking & partying experience, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to live it up in Zagreb!